Starting in 1879:

For the past 141 years, our parent company Studio Optyx, has been selling the best eyewear the world has to offer. We design, manufacture, and distribute our own boutique brands which include and NW77th Eyewear and Erkers 1879 . When the Covid-19 crisis hit our country, we had to lay off a substantial amount of employees and we couldn't sit there and let this battle just roll over us. We quickly jumped to action at the end of March 2020 and utilized our contacts with factories all over the world, including the USA. Many of the factories we have worked with throughout the years have repurposed their factories to make the personal protective equipment that the world is needing. Much of the public and many small businesses like us, have had to rely on the grocery store supply chain in order to get what they need. Much of the time we cannot find what we need at the stores. That wasn't good enough for us. We didn't want to lay any more employees off and wanted to stay in business. We quickly repurposed our warehouse and facility in Saint Louis, MO, USA to be able to supply and distribute PPE products to optometrists, ophthalmologists, and dentists as quickly as possible and get them in the hands of the companies that couldn't get them before. While we have been donating to hospitals and front line workers, it has been hard to be able to get them into more hospitals due to supply chain management and contracts that they have with large distributors.

Fast forward to March 1, 2020:

We decided the best way to get the word out on how we can help would be a website. Now it may or not be obvious, but we are not web designers and/or a marketing agency. We are honest people with a heart and soul and want help our communities get what they need quickly so we can all get the country back in shape. So we created a website which may or may not look as professional as some huge companies out there, but we know we can help with our world connections and our distribution center to get PPE to everyone who wants it at a fair price. We have many shipments coming in each day in order to facilitate our mission. We are constantly negotiating prices with the factories to keep them as low as possible for you. Although it seems like the raw materials keep going up in price because many factories have huge orders to fill, many new workers to employ, and short delivery times to meet. We are committed to keeping the price as low as humanly possible!

It seems like everyone wants to get back to work but we have heard many companies want to open but cannot because of the lack of personal protective equipment supplies. We have heard from optometrists, opticians, ophthalmologists, chiropractors, dentists, massage companies, nail salons, barber shops, plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists and many other businesses who just want to be open. It seems like many of them are happy we are here to help. We are glad that we can have a part in helping the economy get back on its feet and somehow get back to a sense of normal!

Keep moving forward:

We have been a family business for 141 years and have been through the Spanish Flu, the Great Depression, 2 World Wars, Polio outbreaks, 9/11, and many other historical pandemics. Our employees are our family, and we are company with real people with their own families and we are a company with a soul. This Covid-19 wont be stopping us! We will overcome and will be in business for another 141 years.


Love PPE Suppy House and Studio Optyx.